As a part of the Garbhini program, a state of the art biorepository and Data management center are created at THSTI


State-of-the-Art Infrastructure

Biorepository is housed in an area of 2766 sq feet. All the stored biospecimens are coded with alphanumeric codes and the participants IDs are de-identified by the use of Unique Indentification code (UIC)

Resources Available

Currently, Biorepository is storing ~ 800,000 biospecimens from Garbh-Ini study cohort which include maternal serum, blood, plasma, DNA, blood as PAX gene tubes, saliva, urine, high vaginal swabs, feces, cord blood, umbilical cord tissue, placental tissue punches, placental membranes, paternal saliva and neonatal heel prick venous blood that are being collected across pregnancy, at delivery and post- delivery

Validated & Customized Lab processes

Biorepository at THSTI assures standardized sample collection and storage of high quality biospecimens with barcoding facility according to international guidelines (ISBER-International Society for Biologicals and Environmental Biorepository).

Data Management Centre

Role of the Data Management Centre: Right from the conception of the project to even after the study ends. Initially created as part of Garbhini but has already suppprted 8 studies (4 completed, 4 active) till now.

Data Management process for Paper Data Capture

Data Management process for Electronic Data Capture

Aryabhata Datascience and Artificialintelligence Program at THSTI (ADAPT)

Key Objectives