The role of AI in transforming healthcare

11-12 June 2022

Venue: Goa | Hybrid


Maternal and child health is a key indicator of the health of a society particularly in low-middle income countries. A major challenge is the lack of cutting edge applications for prevention and early diagnosis of diseases that have public health implications. One way forward is to use the recent advances in technologies like artificial intelligence for addressing these issues. We organized two workshops on this topic where clinicians, physician-scientists, biologists, computer vision scientists and young researchers had come together on a common platform to initiate thought-provoking discussions and identify some important research questions. The first workshop focussed on identification of problem areas in maternal and child health where these technologies would facilitate research to find sustainable solutions. In the second workshop we discussed more details on the development, validation and reporting strategies of AI algorithms. We have developed a successful interdisciplinary and interinstitutional collaborative program based on AI between THSTI and University of Oxford. Learning from this experience, an additional objective was to discuss the challenges in collection, annotation and management of multidimensional clinical data and such collaborations.


This is a third workshop in the series and in this followup workshop, we discuss more details on technical challenges and potential solutions as well as challenges in implementing the AI algorithms on a large scale in public health. Day 1 will focus on technological themes and the discussions will be focused on explainability, generalizability, data bias and data sharing (federated learning). There will be a keynote presentation, discussions and demonstrations of the key algorithms. Day 2 will focus on the implementation themes and will include talks on the successful implementations of such algorithms and learnings from such experiences. Later in the day we will also have discussions on issues related to democratization and trustworthiness of AI algorithms. Both days will feature abstract/ poster presentations by young investigators and students on the relevant topics.

Opportunity to present your research!

All participants are encouraged to submit abstracts of their work. Unlike conferences, we encourage submission of the ‘work in progress’ as abstracts and get a valuable feedback from international experts in the field. The last date for submitting abstract is 15th May 2022. All selected abstracts will have an opportunity to attend the workshop in person at Goa. The abstract has to be presented as a two minute flash talk and a poster.

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Full agenda

We have designed an e-brochure which contains aims and objectives of the workshop, descriptions of each session, biographies of speakers and the selected abstracts which will be presented during the workshop. Essentially it contains all information to prepare for the workshop. Find the document in the link below


Organising Institutions

Translational Health Science and Technology Institute

Institue of Biomedical Engineering, University of Oxford

Centre for Integrative Biology and Systems Medicine (IBSE), IITM

Organising committee

  • Dr. Bapu Koundinya Desiraju (
  • Dr. Ramachandran Thiruvengadam (
  • Mr. Divyanshu Mishra (
  • Dr. Bela Desai (
  • Ms. Shilpa Chopra (